На благоустройство Спасской церкви

In our church you can leave the intercession lists for your dead unchristened relatives that will be passed to St. Varus, M.Church in Tikhonovka village for prayers.

Holy Items within the Temple


The Yaroslavl icon of the Mother of God

Икона в Спасском храме

On the 21 of June the memory of the Yaroslavl icon of the Mother of God is celebrated. There isn’t much information about this icon, only the fact that it was brought to Yaroslavl by grand princes Basil and Constantine in the 13 century and placed in the cathedral. Copies and imitations of this icon are widespread all over the Rus. One of them appeared here from the first days of Saviour Church transfer to Irkutsk eparchy.

This icon immediately took the central place by location and also by church people attitude to it. Flowers always stand before it and women whisper prayers before it about their innermost, mainly about children. Not every icon has great theological meaning which is also useful for us to know.

This icon was brought to us from the Irkutsk Church of the Holy Sign and it required full restoration. The restoration was done by icon-painter Svetlana Turchaninova. She said, “The icon is likely to be painted in the beginning of the 20 century and is a recorded image. It means that there was another image on the wooden panel which by unknown to us reasons was painted over by the image of the Yaroslav icon of the Mother of God…”

The icon is one of the three main types of the God Mother iconography – Eleusa. We see the combination of terrestrial and heavenly on the icon, which is expressed by aureolas contact and interpenetration of two holy images – the Mother of God and Christ Child. This is a symbolic image of Christ and the Church of Christ. As the Mother of God is an example of the complete adoration of the person born on the Earth from the terrestrial parents (it means the final aim of Church life), that’s why exactly the Mother of God symbolizes Christ Church in theology. The Mother of God bends to the Son, as if she seeks grace for mankind and He, turning towards Her, responds to Her and mankind by blessing.